In Nepal, especially in the Kathmandu valley, there is almost no perceptible line of demarcation between Hinduism and Buddhism or between Shaivism and Vaishnavism or between Tantrism and non Tantrism. Consequenttly, almost a distinct from of religion has evolved in the Kathmandu with a blend of Hindu, Buddhist, Tantric and indegenous elements. As such several unique and prculiar deities have evolved or existed. Even the followers of one faith worship the same image by different names.

Main Attraction in Kathmandu - Living Goddess or Kumari - Nepal has another example of a peculiar goddess of the Kathmandu valley is the living goddess or Kumari. The worship of the virgin living goddess was instituted by Jaya Prakaash Malla. Later all the three Malla Kings of Bhaktapur, Patan and Kathmandu started worshipping the virgin goddess from the later part of the 16th century. The Kumari worship was continued by Shah rulers also. However, kingship has been abolished on May 28, 2008.