The ancient and one of the largest stupas in the world, Boudhanath or the Khasa Caitya is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Located about 11 km from the center and northeastern outskirts of Kathmandu, the stupa's massive mandala makes it one of the largest spherical stupas in Nepal.

Boudha Stupa

With diameter of about 100m and 40m height, Boudhanath holds its place among the ancients and one of the largest stupas in the world. The Boudhanath stupa covers a vast area. It has a round path at the bottom while another path is made of three tier plinth. The stupa resembles Swayambhunath stupa to some extent. The most impressive part of the stupa is the eyes of the Buddha which are painted with red, white and blue colors.

The Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath dominates the skyline. As of 1979, Boudhanth is a UNESCO World Heitage Site and is one of the most popular tourist sites in the Kathmandu area.

1. Boudhanath Stupa
2. Boudhanath Gompa
3. White Monastery
4. Shechen Monastery
5. Nunnary Monastery
6. Tibean Losar Festival (New Year)
7. Kopan Monastery (Especilly for Meditation Course)