Kumari living goddess is regarded as a incarnation of god kali

The Kathmandu valley is the cultural and historic city of Nepal and the famous for ancient temple & seven UNESCO World Heritage site. The landscape of the Kathmandu valley covered green hills and the vista of the snow-capped Himalayas in surrounding the main attraction of the valley. The valley contains the three major districts are the capital The Kathmandu (Kantipur), Patan also known as Lalitpur and Bhaktapur which is boast of religious and cultural artifacts site in the valley.



Reflection of white mountain shadow on fewa lake at Pokhara

Pokhara, the city of Seven lakes complemented with spectacular views of the Himalayas, is often the first choice for a quick leisure escape to serenity amidst luxury. One of the most popular destinations and the first stopover for most trekking routes, Pokhara with its many nature sports, adventure sports and innumerable restaurants, make this city Nepal's own paradise. Take off for a weekend or as many days as you like, you will never get tired of this laid-back city as all love.



A place for the expirence wilderness adventure at Chitwan National Park

Experience the thrill of the jungle with comfort and magnificence at Chitwan. Spread over 932 sq km. the World Heritage listed Chitwan National Park, the first national park of Nepal, is the land where tigers roam freely and rhinos cross your path frequently. The nature of dense wilderness, tall grass and the immerse variety of birds is what Chitwan is all about. If you haven't been here already. do yourself a favor and visit the 'Heart of the Jungle' which is the literal meaning of Chitwan.



Yellow buddhist monastery located at Lumbini garden

LUMBINI, The birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, Listed World Heritage site in Nepal is huge religious significance and attracts Buddhist pilgrims from all around the world. With temples dating from the second century BC to the ninth century AD, Lumbini is a must visit for the religious, as well as non-religious, to explore the many temples and monasteries that are abound here. While there, soak up the peaceful atmosphere, take time to reflect on yourself and meditate in the spiritual heart of Lumbini.


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